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About us

The FirstVoices Language Tutor (FVLT) is an interactive online language-teaching application, designed to be populated by ‘language champions’ in each user community. The FVLT is capable of delivering graduated thematic language exercises in vocabulary development, reading comprehension, listening and speaking. Lessons in the language tutor are fully customizable, allowing for the creation of content targeted to specific age groups, or lessons that follow a particular curriculum. The FirstVoices Language Tutor is a great way to learn for beginner and intermediate speakers alike. Because lessons are progressive, a learner can start at the level appropriate to their needs, maximizing time and motivation.

Four key components of the FirstVoices Language Tutor make it a valuable resource in the development and delivery of interactive online language lessons.
  • Lesson Development: The Language Tutor content development tool enables any word or phrase entry in a FirstVoices archive to be selected from the database and incorporated into a lesson. Word and phrase entries can also be developed specifically for the Language Tutor.

  • Lesson Delivery: Media rich interactive exercises in reading comprehension, listening and speaking are delivered online via a user-friendly interface.

  • Student Tracking: The FVLT student tracking mechanism allows learners the ability to track personal language learning progress and revisit areas where they need further practice.

  • Teacher Tracking: The FVLT student tracking mechanism also allows teachers to track the progress of an entire group of students. Teachers and students can also communicate within the tool.